Hair Maiden is your alternative to traditional salons. We strive to provide you with services that exceed your wildest expectations. Our hair artists are always looking to use their creativity to make your hair dreams come true! Don't let our small size fool you, we're larger than life! 




My Name is Jamie. I created Hair Maiden in order to provide a atmosphere that is relaxed and full of my passion , Art! Throughout my career I have always dreamed of having an environment that I could call home. My Idea behind the Salon was to have an exclusive group of artists that shared the same drive and passion for the Hair and Art industry. Though we are a smaller salon we are very large in life. Always striving for the next concept or Project! I have been a hair stylist for almost two decades. My passion has always been Dreadlocks and Photoshoots. I love experimenting with different types of  Synthetic Dreadlocks. I hope to always be true to my art and education.




Hey! Hi! Hello! My name's Merri and I’m the color and extension specialist here at Hair Maiden Salon. I started my journey at Aveda and I’ve been in the game for a few years now.  


I’m a vivid color enthusiast (have you seen my hair?) so creating wild and crazy new color styles is totally my thing! I also specialize in Hair Dreams human hair extensions, including tape ins and NANO bonded extensions. If you’re looking for more specifics you can head over to the services section and read all about it!


What I truly love most about my specialties are getting to see my clients transform as they come in and leave with something completely different! Hair flips and selfies galore! 


If you’re all ready to book our first hang out sesh, click the “book now” button! I’ll see you here!



I'm Taylor and I'm the newest addition to the Hair Maiden team! I've been out of cosmetology school for a year now and ready to take the hair world by storm!


My passion for hair began when I was a young dancer, my favorite part was always showing off my creativity when doing my hair and makeup before a performance!


I love being a part of big transformations that include crazy colors! I'm really excited to hone my skills and make a name for myself here in Orlando! Come visit me today!



My name is Ahvry and I'm in charge around here (well, when Jamie isn't!)


My passion for bossing people around began when I was a young girl and my siblings were born. Being the big sister gave me the opportunity to establish the foundation that would eventually lead me to a life of being a little too pushy for my own good! 


In all seriousness, I love being a part of the Hair Maiden Team and keeping the salon running efficiently. If you need information on a service or to book your next appointment I look forward to helping you on your way to reaching your hair dreams! 







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